i'm a maladaptive/immersive daydreamer, and because of that i have many expansive worlds that practically live in my head.

all of them are very developed and constantly changing, adding new characters and lore. here are my attempts to organize all their information.

toyhouse is a character storage site that i use to organize everyone's art. many of them also have text profiles, but many are out of date. oops...


a high fantasy setting inspired by dnd lore and filipino & greek mythology. my most complicated world, and one with its own separate wiki!

wiki | toyhouse

universe zero

a fun sci-fi universe where i play around with whatever i think would be cool. robots, anthro animals, genetically modified humans, we've got it all!

read | toyhouse


what originated as a simple my little pony nextgen story evolved into an alternate timeline of the canon world that keeps the tone of the original show, but leans a bit more mature.

read | toyhouse