unfiction is a form of storytelling where the creator roleplays on various mediums, acting as if they are a real person and the audience can interact with them under that premise. read more about unfiction's history on the night mind index!

i love unfiction. i think it's a super cool way to tell a story. i've been a fan of it for a few years now, though i did have an internet horror/creepypasta phase when i was around 10 which is kind of similar. not all unfiction has to be horror though! which is something i think people forget sometimes.

you could also argue that tumblr ask blogs are a form of unfiction, which is probably where my love for roleplaying in this way really began. a bunch of audience members trying to influence a story by chatting with a character, and more often than not the whole thing was set up to seem like the character themself had set up the blog on their own.

i have a few unfiction projects of my own that i'm (very slowly) chipping away at. neither are fit to be published yet so you'll have to wait for that ;)

projects i've read

"read" isn't the best word but i can't really think of a better one. experienced? watched? interacted with? i dunno. here's a list of unfiction projects that intrigued me enough to stick around longer than the first installment.

my commentary might have spoilers and searching for these projects might trigger folks who are bothered by unreality. stay safe!


crow 64 - also known as catastrophe crow. framed as a lost video game, the original video expands into a vast array of secrets that can be found on this community doc. it's about... love and family and grief and haunted video games. please forgive me, my little crow.

hi i'm mary mary - chef's kiss. amazing. one of the first unfiction projects i watched and i fell in love immediately. hit a little too close to home but that's Fine. i'm Fine.

valle verde - what if animal crossing was fucked up and also had a bunch of christian imagery? first video here. i just think all the effects are cool as hell.

welcome home - absolutely fuckin' rad. the aesthetics are very charming, the use of website styling and things like hidden error pages are amazing. view it here!

alantutorial - youtube channel from the pov of alan, who goes through some shit. i've always been a little conflicted on how alan's autism/intellectual disability is used in the story here, but it's done relatively respectfully. he needs a hug so bad.


these aren't bad, they're just not my personal favorites.

i am sophie - a haunted super-rich youtube influencer. really neat idea, but i think it went a little off the rails at the end.

pbhere - 3d animated tiktok arg?? wow!? i've never used tiktok in my life but maybe this would have pushed me to download it. it's all been archived on youtube!

dadfeels - another one of my first unfiction watches, though i stopped paying attention sometime around the beginning of act 3. interesting setup and i still think it's pretty unique. maybe i'll rewatch it one day.

petscop - this was my very first "real" foray into unfiction, back when game theory made a video about it. i forget a lot of the actual content but i remember it was pretty neat.