the spine

the comic - warbot

the first spine design, lore-wise, seen only during the weekend war flashbacks of the comic.

2007 to 2011 - the beginnings

the first physical form of spine. especially in late 2007 and early 2008, his hair is fairly long. outfits vary slightly from performance to performance.

there was also another vest (or an attachment to the existing one) that glowed blue, seen in a few video in fall 2010.

the silver robot gloves debuted in june 2011!

2011 to 2012 - zoo era

a shiny new vest and a consistent costume throughout most of their time at the san diego zoo. the earliest appearance of the vest was august 2011.

2012 to 2013 - plating upgrade

same outfit, but updated face plating! more detail was slowly added over time.

also, a peek under the hat and an unbuttoned shirt:

2013 to present - modern spine

a new vest and stegosaurus fins! (aka dorsal heat sink protrusions...) this look was first seen at youmacon in november 2013.

striped pants!

most recently, spine doesn't have fins due to them being too cumbersome while performing. but otherwise he's stayed pretty consistent over the past few years! also, i couldn't get a good complete shot of his makeup, but the hot on the trail music video shows an idea of what his head might look like under the hat.

here's some art from the comic of this spine design: