the comic - warbot

the first hatchworth design, lore-wise, seen only during the weekend war flashbacks of the comic.

2012 to 2013 - unhatched

the first version of his jacket, without the circular hatch. also, no stovepipe on his hat at first! hatchy's earliest appearance is december 2012 as far as i'm aware. he gained the stovepipe later that same month.

2013 to 2017 - hatched

the worldwide premeire of the hatch was in may 2013. his design has stayed pretty consistent since then!

2018 - 10 year show

big beard! slightly different face plates! yippee!! the jacket was also a little different.

bonus - fancy shoes

there have actually been multiple pairs of fancy shoes! the first is from the official music video in 2014, and the second is from 2016.