steam powered giraffe

steam powered giraffe, or spg, self-defines as a "musical project" and i'm inclined to agree: they are a band, but they're also so much more. they have been my special interest since october 2022 and i'm using my website to infodump about them. thus, these pages can be used as an introduction to newer fans who might not know anything about the band.

you can also check out their website, youtube channel, and the fanmade wiki. you can find me making edits to the latter under the username queeralligator.

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what is spg, actually?

"i think a more important question would be... what isn't steam powered giraffe?" - the jon

i know i said earlier that they're a "musical project," but you might be curious as to the longer answer to this question.

spg is a band where the singers are robot characters. you could call them a concept band, a band with lore, or a kayfabe, as tvtropes puts it. the human musicians perform in full makeup and costume, and stay in character through the whole show. for details on specific musicians and their characters, see below.

in the real world, steam powered giraffe started out by busking in balboa park, san diego in 2008. they gained popularity and moved on to stage shows at conventions and standalone gigs. they're still going strong in 2023, with multiple albums and many loyal fans.

in the made-up fictional world of spg (called "canon" here for clarity's sake), steam powered giraffe is a group of automatons built for war in 1896. they were repurposed as musical robots after their service. a whole lot of magical musical shenanigans happened between 1896 and 2008, which is when they began going by steam powered giraffe, lining up the canon world with our own.

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