where do i even start with this silly little block game?

my minecraft journey

i've been into minecraft since 2013, and like many people i was introduced through let's plays on youtube. the first series i ever watched was madma. i remember staying up past my bedtime watching it, and hastily pausing every time i heard my parents walk by the room (even though in hindsight, they definitely heard me and just didn't care lmao). i also watched skydoesminecraft, dantdm, and stampycat, but madma was my first.

the first time i played minecraft was the pocket edition alpha on my kindle. i remember being creeped out by the (very close) fog/render distance and the lack of animals around my house. i have a vivid memory of activating the nether reactor and freaking out because it was even creepier. i also remember updating to v0.8.0 and being so excited about carpets.

i've been playing java edition since late 2014/early 2015, soon after 1.8 was released. i haven't played consistently since then, but i have always loved the game and it'll always hold a special place in my heart.

more coming. soon. probably a list of modpacks i've played bc whoo boy there's a lot