a game about family and gay rights. also an amazing roguelike with great mechanics and seemingly endless content. so much content in fact that after i beat the epilogue and most prophecies on the switch, i bought it on steam and am now aiming for full completion. of everything.

this page might contain spoilers for the story! if you want to experience everything yourself, i highly recommend you play hades first.

on switch

an ode to my switch playthrough. i've stopped playing on the switch in favor of steam so these stats will stay the same for all eternity.

112 total runs & 95 hours

32 runs to beat for the first time

46 runs to beat for the tenth time

35,694 foes slain & 29,026 total darkness.

a few keepsakes at max, most bonds forged, i'm actually missing one companion somehow.

all but the last mirror upgrades maxed. about half of the weapon aspects maxed. one lone skelly statue...

42/55 prophecies completed. reunited orpheus & eurydice and achilles & patroclus. never got around to pardoning sisyphus though, sorry bud.

all gameplay upgrades at the house contractor. bedchambers fully decked out, plus most of the lounge. ranked up to gamma warden.

nearly everyone's relationships at full hearts.

general stats

15 runs to beat for the first time

26 runs to beat for the tenth time (there was one oopsie in elysium)

steam achievements

once a normal person completes these, they're satisfied with their completion of a video game. i am not a normal person. many of these i technically completed on the switch, but alas. i want the validation of 100% on steam so i must do them again.

completed achievements will be italicized.


oh boy.

run clear messages

tidbits that appear above your stats when you beat a run. the fact that they only appear if you beat the run may prove challenging for some of these...

completed messages will be italicized. ones marked with a * were completed only on the switch.

clear number, time, and health


artifacts collected and rooms entered


house contractor

i want to make the house pretty dammit.


ranks, levelling up all weapons/keepsakes/companions, relationship maxing, uhhh