a show about weird science, alternate universes, and family.

this page will contain spoilers in the "rewatch" section and beyond. if you're thinking about watching fringe, i highly recommend you go in blind for the best experience, but i can't really stop you.


the main cast of this show is one big found family and you can't change my mind


i watched the first half of this show with my family, then watched it fully through with my roommate, and now i'm watching it again. i'll be writing a little about each episode i watch here!

(note: i actually stopped this rewatch because i got too busy... i'll start it again someday.)

season 1

s1e01: pilot. ah, the beginnings. back when peter is an absolute asshole. i genuinely forgot that olivia didn't start out working in fringe division.

s1e02: the same old story. would you believe me if i said i watched season one too fast to update this page so now i have to look up episode descriptions to remind myself what happened

s1e03: the ghost network.

s1e04: the arrival.

s1e05: power hungry.

s1e06: the cure.

s1e07: in which we meet mr. jones.

s1e08: the equation.

s1e09: the dreamspace.

s1e10: safe.

s1e11: bound.

s1e12: the no-brainer.

s1e13: the transformation.

s1e14: ability.

s1e15: inner child.

s1e16: unleashed.

s1e17: bad dreams.

s1e18: midnight.

s1e19: the road not taken.

s1e20: there's more than one of everything.

s1eXX: unearthed. bonus episode! watched this one with my roommate after we finished the entire show and it was wild. it's an alright episode that wouldn't be noteworthy if it was aired when it was supposed to be.

season 2

s2e01: a new day in the old town.

s2e02: night of desirable objects.

s2e03: fracture.

s2e04: momentum deferred.

s2e05: dream logic.

s2e06: earthling.

s2e07: of human action.

s2e08: august. this ep makes me... not cry, but get very close to crying. the car scene at the end is one of the first times september really shows emotion and you can tell humans are starting to grow on him.

s2e09: snakehead.

s2e10: grey matters.

s2e11: johari window.

s2e12: what lies below.

s2e13: the bishop revival.

s2e14: jacksonville.

s2e15: peter. such a funky intro theme, i wish it was used more! this episode makes me cry at multiple moments.

s2e16: olivia. in the lab. with the revolver.

s2e17: white tulip. another cry-worthy episode.

s2e18: the man from the other side.

s2e19: brown betty. one of my favorite episodes. the concept, the costuming, the characters! olivia reminds me that i'm a lesbian once again. 'crippled genius trope' walter is... ehhhh but everything else in the worldbuilding of this ep makes me want to write fic and explore it more.

s2e20: northwest passage.

s2e21: over there: part one.

s2e22: over there: part two.