image gallery

originally coded as an art gallery, but it can be used for any kind of image! live preview can be explored on my own gallery.

thumbnails can be clicked to load the image in the "display window" elsewhere on the page, or viewers can use next/previous buttons. includes space for image titles/dates, descriptions, and alt text. basic knowledge of html/css is required to use, and javascript skills are helpful if you'd like to customize how the gallery works.

documentation on how the code works and how to use it are found in the .txt files below. to update your gallery with a new image, simply add a new line to the data array and update your gallery page with a new thumbnail.

you can have multiple galleries on your site if they are on separate pages and you create a different data array file for each one.

if you use this code, credit is not necessary but a link to my site would be cool beans! if you need any help (or want to give feedback on the documentation) you can email me.

available code:

last updated: jan 16, 2024