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view the progress of my in-the-works character wiki on its own dedicated update page

feb 06, 2024 ;; this won't be linked in navigation but my submission to the surf club e-zine is now on the site! this will likely be the last "content" update to the site on neocities, as i'm working on switching hosts. more info to come next time.

jan 16, 2024 ;; my first ever free-to-use coding snippets are uploaded! i spent so much effort on my art gallery that i wanted to write documentation and let other folks use it. find it here!

jan 15, 2024 ;; new shrine to hatchetfield! changed the "games" page on the sidebar to "projects" to make room for coding things that aren't strictly games. also removed the link to my worldbuilds from the sidebar due to outdated information but they can still be accessed here

dec 29, 2023 ;; completely revamped art gallery!! the javascript took forever, i'm very happy with it but let me know if there's any bugs!

dec 26, 2023 ;; new theatre blorbos added to the fav character shrine. also did some work on the blog, changing some code and posting new stuff.

dec 05, 2023 ;; a new shrine, this time to theatre!

nov 15, 2023 ;; howdy, it's been a while! started work on a collection of spg costume references, updated the art gallery, and tweaked a bunch of little things.

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