i accept commissions through my ko-fi or paypal only.

please read through the terms below before contacting me about a commission.


  1. violation of any term written here gives me the right to decline your commission.
    • any payment given to me will be refunded to you.
    • you will not receive any further work from me, nor will you receive unwatermarked versions of art i may have already provided.
    • depending on the severity of the rule broken, i may or may not choose to decline any further orders from you in the future.
  2. i have the right to decline any order for any reason.
    • unless you've broken a rule, this likely will not happen once i've accepted your order.
    • rarely will i decline an order from you after i have accepted it and received payment, but if that is the case, you will be refunded.
  3. orders must be paid in full, upfront. no exceptions.
  4. if you decide to cancel before sending payment, no action is required. however cancellation after sending payment will result in a full refund, and no unwatermarked artwork will be sent to you.
  5. i will accept money through paypal using a paypal invoice only: no simple transfers. this is to prevent scams and chargebacks.
  6. all commissions are purely digital. no physical copy of the artwork will be sent.


  1. i will accept your order and send an invoice through paypal.
  2. once you send the money and i accept it, i'll start working on the commission.
  3. i'll send a watermarked sketch for you to approve.
  4. if not approved, i'll do a revision and send it. (two major sketch revisions, such as major pose changes, are allowed per commission.) once approved, i'll start finishing the commission.
  5. i will send a watermarked finished piece to you. two major revisions (color tweaking is not considered major) are allowed per commission.
  6. once you approve it, i'll send the unwatermarked piece to you! this piece will still contain my signature, which is not to be removed.

usage of artwork

  1. i, as the artist, continue to retain copyright over the artwork, even after payment is sent and the artwork given to you.
  2. i hold the right to post or display the artwork wherever i would like.
  3. you are welcome to post my artwork on personal social media accounts (in other words, accounts not used for commercial, business, or money-making purposes) with sufficient credit that includes at least a link to this website,
  4. using my artwork as an avatar or icon for personal social media accounts in allowed, as long as credit is given in the profile's description or somewhere easily visible.
  5. clients who wish to use my artwork for commercial purposes or with the intent to make money from it in any way must make it known to me before payment is sent, as this will impact the price of the work.
  6. clients may print the work themselves and continue to hold copyright over their characters (if the characters are that of the client), however they still do not have right to the artwork itself.
  7. clients may not, under any circumstances, remove my signature or watermark from my work. this includes cropping and/or drawing over the watermark.


  1. i will refuse and refund any commission that is of a sexual, nsfw (not safe for work), or immoral nature. this includes but is not limited to:
    • nudity
    • sexual scenes or poses
    • any work involving sexualization of minors
    • anything of an incestuous, pedophilic, or nonconsensual nature
    • works that are commissioned with a fetishistic intent, even if nonsexual
  2. any commission with racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, discriminatory, or bigoted intent will be refused.
  3. artwork drawn of real people using a photo reference will not be accepted, with the exception of actors in film, tv, or theatre roles. celebrities and musical artists are not included in the exception, nor are actors outside the context of their roles.
    • example: ordering artwork of winona ryder playing her character role in the movie "beetlejuice" is allowed.
    • however, ordering artwork of winona ryder out-of-costume or outside the context of a character role is not allowed, as the work can no longer be considered character art and is an infringement on an actor's privacy.
  4. commissions that include drawn characters not owned by the client will not be accepted, unless the characters are from widely-known/professionally produced media, such as my little pony or steven universe.


email :

ko-fi : owlhari