an overview of the different planets spread throughout the universe.


around 2150, humans set out to terraform and colonize the other planets in the solar system. they left behind a scarred earth, ruined from a hundred years of technological progress. now, the only sentient beings on earth are robots and artificial intelligence. major cities have fallen and nature has reclaimed most remnants of civilization.


a small, isolated planet far away from our solar system. it was the target of many failed colonization attempts, and is now home to many tiny factions. most factions are scavengers or pirates with pre-industrial level technology, but there are a few factions with access and knowledge of high tech.

station 627

not technically a planet, but a rusted space station hovering in a star system near earth. the station was meant to be a test of space travel beyond the solar system, but was abandoned. now it's home to both humans and other species that have been picked up along the way.