mother earth rebelled again! we tamed her with our lasers, and now we're in love with progress and technology!

progress and technology, steam powered giraffe

universe zero

a sci-fi worldbuilding project where i throw characters and technology at my screen and keep whatever i think is cool. a less serious project than gaia, where i can explore fun concepts without worrying about it being cohesive or even making any sense. the name is taken from one of my oldest story universes, 'world 000.'

if you found your maker’s bag of bones, and learned the secrets of your smartphones... would you cast them out and immolate, or devour your laptop and assimilate? umbilical extension cords in the offspring birth, trumpets the progress omen of our future mirth. the chimera machinations create tech manticores, ushering in a new age of the MECTO AMORE.

mecto amore, steam powered giraffe