welcome to this little corner of the internet. my name is owl and i use they/them and xe/xem pronouns. i'm 20 years old and filipino-american. i'm autistic, disabled, and plural!

i love art of all kinds! in particular i like character design, comics, writing, poetry, worldbuilding, dungeon master-ing, and programming.

favorite things

take a deep delve into my silly little autistic brain.

video games: rimworld, hades, steamworld series, vintage story, celeste, portal, slime rancher, hollow knight, crypt of the necrodancer, hypnospace outlaw, minecraft, stardew valley, animal crossing, splatoon, pokémon

movies/tv: fringe, my little pony, doctor who, trese, elementary, spiderverse, mary poppins, knives out series, matilda, beetlejuice, coraline, gravity falls, lots of stuff on dropout.tv

youtube channels: drawfee, brian david gilbert, kurgezstat, night mind, tom scott, aimkid, bernadette banner, defunctland, alan becker, ice cream sandwich

minecraft youtubers: goodtimeswithscar, inthelittlewood, grian, mumbojumbo, geminitay, smajor/dangthatsalongname, bdoubleo, zedaph

music artists: the mechanisms, steam powered giraffe, lemon demon, idkhow, they might be giants, the crane wives, louie zong, dr.carmilla/maki yamizaki, ben below, jessica law, kofi young, annapantsu, ghost, r.i.p.

musicals: beetlejuice, back to the future, hatchetfield series, 35mm, amélie, newsies, encanto, spongebob, count of monte cristo, frankenstein: a new musical